Lost in technology

Lost in technology

Kids lost in technology

Kids faces are glued to screens

Focused on playing games

Or social media to the extreme

Reading is alien to them

As well as for some going out playing

Their mind is dumbed

Their compassion numb

But some people say this is not wrong

But they’re being exposed to so many lies

Perpetrated by all the political sides

The z rated celebrities with their own channels

Fill the voids of the pointless annals

Talking about stuff not important at all

Like is Kim kardashian’s butt big or small

And is Kanye West a genius or a fool

Has society lost its way within the technology game

I zen the fuck out just to escape

From all of this technology

I am encouraged to embrace it in every way

But as a resources tool and a way to connect

To share the love and share wisdom

And spread words of tolerance and unity

And putting out a message that we are all free

So to express our thoughts of equality

As well as believing in the right to agree and disagree

Without feeling the negative needs to hate on other

Who view things differently

So there are many facets to technology

And works best when used creatively

But do kids understand these things

Or is Fortnite the pinnacle and the peak

Of what kids can disseminate from this technology.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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