If it’s broke let it go


If you can’t forgive

And can’t forget

And you believe

There is no trust left

If you can’t love

Then why hold on

Let them go

Don’t beat them down

With anger and guilt

Because it makes what you had ugly

Just call it a day

And stop judging

Just simply call it a day

Instead of trying

To make them suffer each day

For there is no point in that

It’s just a bitter and vengeful act

That when one day

You look upon back

As a waste of time

And of energy

Where you both suffer


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  1. Such a true message, my friend! I always compare relationships like this to holding on to a gangrene limb. Better to cut it off before it infects the rest of you, than hold on to it and complain about how much it bothers you. Really awesome post, Faux!

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