Selfless love

He craved to see her

Living someone else

For he could not love her

The way she needed

He loved her spiritually

But came up wanting physically

And this he felt left her sad

And he wanted her to be happy

So he encouraged her to spread her wings wings

Told her to fly free

But return to where she should always be

Where she is loved spiritually

And she did this apprehensively

But realised it did make her happy

But returned to the one who set her free everytime

Because she held the simple belief

That someone who can act so selflessly

Is divine in thought and in deed

And is worth the greatest love you see

Because ego less he allowed her to be happy

And set her free to sate her physical needs

Without bitterness or jealousy

To her he was a shining light of love and spirituality

That in this world is rarely seen

No matter what others may choose to believe.

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