No God issues

I’ve no issue about the God’s thing

An group of omniscient beings,

It does not go against my belief

My issues stem, with religion,

A whole hierarchy set up by man,

Man made rulers doing it in the name of God

So I wonder why don’t they do more

To help the homeless and feed the poor

And campaign for equality a whole lot more,

I just see men and women dressed in lavish robes

Surrounded by finary and gold,

Big churches, mosques and buildings built out of cash

That could of housed so many people down on their luck,

Jesus threw the money men from the temple

And then threw the wealth out to the poor,

There was a message in his actions

That men today choose to ignore,

It does not matter who your God is I am sure

I believe he or she finds acts of death, terrorism and war,

Deplorable in any kind of form

And yet man uses God to justify the cause,

I don’t have problem with the God’s thing at all

Just religion using God’s as a tool,

To do harm and surround themselves in luxury

Sorry people but this doesn’t seem right to me at all.

4 thoughts on “No God issues

  1. Don’t miss out on your own salvation because of the hypocrisy of not everyone. become a Christian and follow after Jesus. Be like Him yourself. There are still some Bible believing teaching churches. But no one is perfect but Jesus. Try a Calvary Chapel in your area.

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