Future society

Some won’t be happy

Until they cut down the last tree

Some won’t be happy

Until they’ve eradicated every species

It’s all in the name of outright greed

They won’t be happy until there nothing else to see

And that they polluted and built on every piece of land and even on the sea

And they will find a new way to aide us to breathe

And then charge us for it astronomically

They will do the same with the food that we eat

This is a glimpse at our future society.

2 thoughts on “Future society

  1. Some won’t be happy, ever.
    I always think about how we destroy lands and build what we want to have things that just don’t serve any real purpose. We cut down trees to make money that runs this world. We destroy animals and habitats that won’t last even 10 more years at the rate we’re going. It’s truly sad.

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