You could have saved me

You could have saved me when u was drowning

If only you had noticed me

If I was so so invisible

If you had heard my pleas

But you were so wrapped up in other stuff

That you never heard or saw me

Fading from this life and time

It’s a familiar story

Now your sitting at the table

One extra chair and plate than you need

The tears are streaming from your eyes

And rolling down your cheeks

And how you wish you could hear and see me now

How you wish I was not invisible

Yet despite the fact I felt ignored

I linger right here still

In the form of energy

I’d never leave you alone

I’d never do this too you

Because it’s cold and I should know

So I will shine my light and guard you

And guide you through this life

Because I still love so much

Though you forgot to treat me right

You could have saved me from drowning

But you were to busy to notice me

You therfore did not see my struggle

And did not hear my cries or pleas for help.

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