End the suffering

I could careless about where people are Jews or Muslims

I do care how ever that murderous people are killing each other on both sides

And that Israel is using it’s massive war machine to crush people and cause genocide.

Before the 2nd World War Israelis left Israel for Europe

And suffered greatly

After the war the UK repatriated them to Israel

And they hated it and fought us

Now they are a big powerful established nation

Using might to crush Palestinians who never left the region

The cycle of violence on both sides must end

The once nomadic Israeli race and the Palestinians must find away to peace

Without the intervention of other interfering governments

A way to coexistence must be found

And all past wrongs put aside

To end the cycle of murder, death and hate on both sides.

No government

No race

No one people own the land

It belongs to all people

To live where they wish

Borders, anthems, flags and religion is all man made

And created to achieve such divides

So that the powerful few can rule.

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