Who are we?

Who are we truly

Are we the person everybody sees

Or are we just actors playing out a scene

Do we hide away who we truly are

Or do we put ourselves out there

For others to see in all our flaws and glories

Or are we characters that we create

Representing our own stories we write each day

Do we really know our true selves that well

Or are we lost in it all so much

That we can’t even tell

Are we trying to be authentic or trying to be someone else

What are we trying achieve

What do we tell ourselves

And are we happy in how we live and who we think or know we are

Do we live life with a smile or the fear of being seen as an imposter

Self reflection is good for the soul

Just don’t be too hard on yourself

For we are all just trying to get by

In the only way that we truly know.

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