Let’s talk sex

How do you feel about sex

How much do you expect

Do you feel pressure

Or none at all

Do you need no sex

Or do you want it all the time

I live a celibate life

Because it cleanses my mind

I don’t obsess about it all of the time

I find it’s good for the spirit

And makes my soul glow

It isn’t as some say because I am old

It’s a life choice

Take it or leave it

Because only my voice

Concerns me about this

But I am intrigued how others

Feel about the sex bit

Do you feel expectation to do this

Is it important for you to be good at it

And what if your partner is no good at it

Does it matter one bit

Or can you find a way to get past it

Not being satisfied

Are you honest with them

Or do you lie

Does it stop you having a good time

Or does your love for each other truly conquer all this.

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