Pressure of life

Pressure applied in every aspect of our lives

To fit a certain lifestyle role

Told what is needed for a successful life flow

But a house, have a nice car

And have 2.5 kids

Surround yourself with material possessions

So that other people think

That you’re doing really well

Because it’s all about how you appear to others

You need to fit roles like husbands and mothers

A superfit idol with lots of lovers

Body perfect with handsome/pretty face

Being successful can seem like a race

Holding down a good job

Earning lots of money

Intelligence not needed

You can get by as a dummy

If you got the right look

And you have the right drive

And let conscious awareness go by the by

And settle for being shallow

Because you a tanned sensation

Being top of the tree is your visualisation

But what if you fail

And you don’t hit the mark

When you start getting older

And no longer fit the part

When this top gloss exterior starts wearing thing

What are you then going to be doing?

It doesn’t bother me because it passed my by

I want to live a more meaningful life

Being true to my principles that have left me poor

With the wolf always at my door

But I am happy enough but yes of course I’d like more

But with love, kindness and compassion

Still at the center of my core

By living life selfless and and in a good away

You can take your material life

And throw it away

Because I am not interested in what doesn’t make me grow

I only seek the stuff that is food for the soul.

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