Heart destroyer

I opened up my heart

And invited you within

I gave you all my time,

As well as my loving

I do not do this lightly

But I gave you my trust

I hoped that somehow

This would be enough,

So imagine my disappointment

When you went and broke my heart

Ripped it all to pieces

I wonder if you planned this from the start

But it wont be the end of me

Or destroy the love I’ve aquired

From delving deep into my soul,

Which is why I’ve maintained control

Of who I am and what will be

Within my authentic being,

So walk away and don’t look back

For there’s nothing here for you here

This place of warmth that you called home

Is now a place you no longer know.

8 thoughts on “Heart destroyer

  1. This is a really heartfelt post, my friend. This is one of the worst feelings in the world, but what was squandered by those who could not appreciate us, will be appreciated by those who see the value in our hearts. 🙂

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