Let the kids play

Kids in the park at play

They do not judge in anyway

They don’t distinguish

By race, colour or faith

All they want is just to play

And have some fun

So when does this change

Who teaches them to go separate ways

And decide to judge others as different from them

Who is it that instills this in them in the end

Who posits this life of pretence

To believe in any form of separation and division

Is a foolish person

Those who teach children about racism

As being a good thing surely lacks wisdom

And probably lacks self belief

To teach kids this stupid belief

That race, colour and faith matter at all

All kids want to do is play happily

Without barriers to impede

If we can stop kids straying from this

If we can teach them at all costs to resist

Those ignorant people who try Infecting their brains

With the stupid ideas that we are not all the same

Let the kids play and retain

The simple idea that we are all equal and the only thing to fear

Is those who try to separate and seek to divide

Let kids play in a way that unites

Stop polluting their minds with you ignorant shit

A kids pure mind is to be worshipped

And we could all learn so much from the mind of a child

Living happy and united and free running wild

And enjoying life in an innocent way

So leave the child to play

And encourage them to stay that way

Through every age

And peace will then follow

As we unite everyday

And throw the old ideas right away

And all just because we allowed the kids to play

Without trying to alter or change

The belief that we are all one

That we are all the same.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

8 thoughts on “Let the kids play

    1. I tend to believe in not making issues of these things, I just encourage kids to all play together and have fun. If skin colour is raised I say that it makes no difference that we are all the same. We over complicate and confuse kids too much. Kids don’t get the chance to be kids anymore, we fill them too full of adults stuff. I have four kids and none of them have a racist bone in them.


      1. i am actually reading a book “nurture shock” that argues the contrary–that we are leaving our children confused & our not talking about it actually draws more attention to it. kids notice when adults avoid talking about things.

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      2. Agreed we should always communicate and explain things that they are curious and inquisitive about. If they raise questions give the honest positive answers but only when they ask. Otherwise we are just conditioning them with our own domesticated views.


      3. every child is different in how they learn. i have always modeled equality to my kids, lived in diverse communities, & answered any questions–but they did not ask questions about race & skin color. i was shocked when a neighbor labeled us as racist after my son started commenting on the differences in skin colors between him & his friends. i had to initiate a conversation with him.
        ps. not all of us are domesticated

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      4. I am sure you are neither domesticated or racist and often peoe label others to test their insecurities by applying false labels to gain power over them. I think your neighbour was using the term racist to make you feel guilty and to gain power over you.


      5. she was just a mom protecting her kids. we were able to eventually become friends again & put the misunderstanding behind us. the things that supposedly make us different tend to be a delicate/prickly subject that many of us are afraid to confront. i am all for a conversation 🙂

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