Unsheath the sword and let the blood flow

For glory and for God he shouted

As he roared into battle

So his hunger for death could be sated

Weilding and slashing, hacking with his sword

From his strong fast horse he was determined to conquer

Laying waste to the enemy

Blind to everything

Blood lust was his passion

And it was driving him

Shouting as he bore down on men behind shields

No mercy or compassion did he feel

The clang of metal on metal

The sounds of screams and pain

The whole battlefield now red with bloodstains

Corpses piling high as the battle raged on

He sang out his hearty battle song

Baring his teeth as he chased frightened foe down

End of the battle now he assessed all around

A sea of massacred human beings

Sprawled out before him

Representing either side

He cared not one jot

It was all about glory for him

As he stood on the battlefield

King of kings

While standing in the puddles of his murdered kin.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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