Science can be smoke and mirrors

Biocentrism the release from the prison

Of the physical body to the quantum mind

What’s real? what’s illusion?

Everything is energy

Everything that we perceive

Is created by the mind

From sight and sound

People refute it because it’s breaking new ground

No one like change

And science fights it most

Neils Bohr and Robert Lanza

Know only to well

Nikola Tesla assigned to the dark

While Thomas Edison made his mark

It is not always that goes down in history

Not always the right science theory

We get as change

It’s the theory that those with power back the most

Will decide if you’re forgotten

Or become the toast

Of evolutionary scientific change

So much science still picking at Einstein brain

Afraid to move forward

Just like with climate change

Those who make the money deny it time and again

And stick with the old tried and tested ways

Because that’s where the wealthy squirreled their money away

Investing in flawed and dirty

Technology, fuel and science

And they will make sure those who know this remain silent.

2 thoughts on “Science can be smoke and mirrors

  1. And the silence is being broken as All Becomes Transparent Now. Fence sitting days of old are over. No longer is there a place for the ‘dark’ to hide, for the ‘light’ is brighter than ever before.

    Great writing/sharing! thank you…..

    Liked by 1 person

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