16 thoughts on “Mind display

      1. It didn’t escape my attention that this was an original text. Personally I prefer to post one item a week written by myself, than posting everyday some quote of a long dead philosopher, scientist or artist. I probably will never have more than a handful of followers, because most bloggers have the attention span of a mosquito. When it’s more than 5 lines, they don’t read it.

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      2. I am not fully sure, I have written long poetry and short stories that have been well read and received. I have spent over years now posting on stuff that is not popular, slowly building up a following and it takes that long and a lot of hard work to get to this point. Yet others get far more success and far more followers in different ways which I would rather not do. I write a lot about the environment, spirituality, social issues, science and politics. Not popular titles but they mean a lot too me. I use it as a form of practice for self development and growth and to hopefully inspire others to want to create a better more peaceful and loving world.

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