Rebellious girl

She was rebellion in beauty

And was beating down doors

With baseball bat in hand she demanded more

No half measures or settling for less

Rebellious girl in her rebellious dress

A pink rock t-shirt and her black torn jeans

Her ferocious boots with a leather sheen

Her red and blonde hair and her wild eyed stare

Promised passion and if anyone dared

To try and get close and to savour her love

Would know in an instant her love is intense so much

That it will leave you wasted and laid out on the floor

Yet curiously will leave you wanting more

She is fine in body and existential in mind

She is rebellious by design

See her hand as she makes the peace sign

Then goes at life crazy and blows your mind

She lives for love and dances in the lights

She is the rebellion on magnificent delight.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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