I feel for people each day

I feel nothing but compassion for those who throughout life struggle,

I feel nothing but heartache for them

I think I know from where these feelings stem,

It is from my own hardships and struggles in this life

It gives you appreciation and helps light up the darkest night,

It fosters love within you and generates kindness in a way

That many people can not know, for they play their shallow games

Of ego and of self importance because they’ve never had to strive,

Never felt the hardships of this life and time,

They are self absorbed in their own minds

Unlike I, who feels so much empathy

That it makes my who spirit ache

And offers them my sincerest sympathy,

I want nothing more than to help, my fellow beings in everyway

For I find it more fulfilling living this way

Growing better and evolving beyond others self absorbed displays.

4 thoughts on “I feel for people each day

  1. I find myself doing this very way. I often cannot stand all the suffering of others and look for ways to uplift or help someone the best way I know. Sometimes sadly a person does not want help and does not care for my help.

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