In an age before man

In a time before man

There were others

Who roamed these lands

Beast men, elves and sorcerers

Who sought to take command

Giant beings riding giant beasts

Like mammoths and saber tooth tigers

Waging wars in natures beauty

Like man does today

But these beings sowed what they reaped

Which was what led to their own destruction

They delved to deep and were too intrusive,

Nature struck back with the use of earthquakes

And volcanic eruptions

With tsunamis and hurricans.

The beings did not stand a chance

And even elves with their supreme intelligence

Many millenniums in advance

Could not see natures wrath

Could not see how nature would design a way into

Eliminating them from the forests where they lived

And from the very earth upon which they lived

Nature ha fev

Driving them into extinction.

Nature brought about the end of beings,

That existed before the age of man

And now in this age, nature was gearing up to do the same

To put and end to man’s destructive ways

That we see us like those beings before going out

Not in a blaze of glory

But actually in a blaze of hate filled shame.

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