I can fly, I can dream, it’s up to me

Emerging from the beauty of creation

Bathed in a sea of incandescent light

Rising up in a plethora of energy

Designed to spread kindness as well as love throughout this life

Walking through a verdant green countryside

Surrounded by all the amazing species of this life

Singing a song of wonder backed by a symphony

A truly magical sunset behind me

Show the magi that is life and the beauty of creation

Shows the miracle that is earth and our very existence

We are born from love and should love that way

And take with us kindness and compassion along the way

As a rainbow arches overhead

I wonder when this amazing moment will end

Then I realise this was created in my own head

And I can this going from now until my days have ended

Viewing the world in wonderment

Positive images and magnificent thoughts

Creating a utopia I have sought all my life

And now I know it was always here. I just needed to open my eyes

I just needed to cleanse and open my mind

And this life could be realised

Living a life on frequency high

Floating on wings of love in bedazzeling sunset sky

I can fly, I can dream, it’s up to me.

6 thoughts on “I can fly, I can dream, it’s up to me

  1. Yes!!
    How wonderful and exciting to recognise the beauty of it all!! It can bring you to your knees, and tears to the eyes! Very nice write and expression.

    Liked by 1 person

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