To hard to love

She craved a love he could not give

He was too hard not sensitive

To what she needed and it was not his fault

He had been bred this way by society by default

And he wanted so much to love her

In they way she needed

She was beauty and angelic

And his heart was bleeding

And though he fought against the shackles

His nurtured ways just brought him back

To the hard insensitive man,

That he was taught was the only way to be

And despite how he tried he just could not brekfree

From his domesticated and conditioned beliefs.

9 thoughts on “To hard to love

  1. Wow! So much raw emotion here! And heartfelt. An habitual cycle must be broken early in life, or set backs block the road to so much freedom in love and life! So unfair.
    Such a touching write Fauxcroft.

    Liked by 1 person

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