Born to comply and behave like zombies

Born from love most of the time, of which we have no choice, born without a voice and before we can formulate voice or choice the conditioning has begun. From parents to school we are taught the rules, treated as if we were born fools, offered no choices or encouraged to think outside the box, taught to comply wear a uniform and smile just like the other kids do. Nobody wants you to stand out of the crowd and if by chance you do, they don’t want you appearing different, because different is breaking the rules, so they send you off to therapy and diagnose you with ADHD, or find another label to hang on you and medicate you until you behave.

Now you’re grown up and going out to work so surely now things will change but sad to say your domesticated ways keep you in line time and time again. Then you get a job which puts on you more rules and teaches you doing things their way and if you fail to follow what it is they say they will sack you and you’ll get no pay and you’ve already noticed you need their cash if you’re to get by and survive.

See stupid is a stupid does and nothing is more stupid than society and life and us playing along with all of the rules, get married have kids and subject them to the same conditioning and domesticatation within the rules as you and me had to go through. Yet this is the cycle of life that we find and only a few of us try to breakout, only few become consciously aware, only few show that they actually care about the subjugated way they are living. They are happy with the distractions in life, money and the material things, car, job, kids and wife, trying to fit in and be normal as can be, conforming to this ridiculous society that breeds zombies instead of encouraging people to be free, this is the painful truth about life we are just used as tools of society to keep those above rich and powerful lauding it over and exploiting both you and me in the same way as its always been.

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9 thoughts on “Born to comply and behave like zombies

  1. Wholeheartedly agree. Knowing what you’ve described I intentionally never created any offspring that would be subjected to the deception and conformity “required” to live in this society.

    Fortunately or unfortunately I enjoy what I do, driving truck basically 50 hours a week getting paid to think and create to later work on my blog to disseminate thinking as Orwell wrote “We can only spread our knowledge outwards from individual to individual, generation after generation. In the face of the Thought Police, there is no other way.” – George Orwell

    Great post!

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  2. There are things to follow–and, all should behave as what people expect. It is natural to learn from others, but it is also natural to show what we have. Sometimes we are alone, living our lives without enough guidance.

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