She of leather and lace of my dreams

I saw her in coffee shop

I knew I had seen her before

She transfixed my sight

Like few had done before

She was a myth and a legend

Of my thoughts and dreams

She was in past lives

A beautiful but fierce warrior Queen

I walked over and asked if I could speak to her for a while

I told her of my dreams and she looked at me and smiled

I am the warrior Queen you speak of

And I still wear leather and lace

I still champion the downtrodden

I still seek to emancipate as I have done throughout the ages

And I thank you for the gift of life

Within the ink upon your pages

I was totally absorbed with her and lost within her beauty

I told her so and said I’d follow her as part of my duty

She smiled and said that as we had shared a lifetime of these dreams

Would we not be better off together then she kissed me

You brought me to life she said

And I act as your muse

Surely synchronicity as brought me here to you

Overwhelmed and breathless I could not disagree

Then she stood up and in a warrior way

And with a Queen like attitude

She said let’s go fight the good fights

And bring to downtrodden our light

Let’s conquer all that’s wrong with life

And fight for all that’s good

And tall as she was and amazingly sculptured

In her leather and her lace

I stood up and took her hand and knew this to be my place

By her side day and night striving to make a change

And fight for a brand new world spiritual in all ways

This warrior Queen was legendary and epic to me

Who would thought I’d have found her love over a cup of coffee

But synchronicity works that way so always be aware

The over your cup of coffee your soul mate may be standing right there.

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