Wicked world

When I say it’s a wicked world that we find ourselves in

People argue that’s not true

But can you justify this to all the people who

Have no choice but to live on the streets

Now tell me in an advanced society that’s not cruel.

Then there are those who live in war zones

Through no fault of their own

Bombed, gassed and poisoned

Forced away from their bombed out shells that once represented home

Or the kids born into abuse if every awful kind

Ask yourself this question do they believe this is a wonderful life.

Then there are those who survive by using food banks

Who are crippled with debts and bills

A trillion dollar debt caused by governments

But who is now footing that bill

While the banks and the world’s elite

In their usual corrupt ways

Remain in their ivory towers sipping on champaign

And from maybe your comfy material life

With all the basic luxuries and the sense you life is set

Life may seem a delight

From your nice shiny cars parked in the yard

Your beautifully fitted kitchen

Your house modelled like an ideal home

Life for you is good enough

Though you still find room to moan

But think about third world starvation

Because there is not enough to eat

Yet half the world is suffering diabetes because its become so obese

And if all this inequality and terrible things we see

Don’t mark this world down as wicked

Then it beggars all belief

How many more people and how much more must people suffer

Before you see this truth

Will in not be until the time it’s at your door affecting me and you.

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