No attachments required

Recently I asked a Buddhist salesman who was selling vaccum cleaners about the extra tools provided. He told me that what he offers does not come with attachments. 🙂

I jest of course but life becomes a burden the more we weigh ourselves down with attachments. We need to keep ourselves light and free so that we can fly. We are not designed to be mules carrying heavy loads, we cannot be expected to carry the weight of the world’s problems upon our shoulders. We were designed to spread a message, to awaken others who are lost in the illusory, to wake them up to conscious reality so that they too can see the light of spirituality, love, kindness and compassion. In this way each person we awaken lightens the load without us needing to bare it. A well placed smile, an offer of friendship or a helping hand is all it needs to brighten up and lighten life. A mule carrying a heavy load can only think about the load and see its next step. It cannot see other solutions or feel it can think of other things. It’s mind is limited by its struggles and burden. Don’t become like the mule, think widely, think outside the box, think of other solutions that avoid burdens and attachments, do not become limited in thoughts and actions, be free, be spiritual, spread light, love, kindness and compassion. Be the peace and this will ease the load on our shoulders and on the world.

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