Time for solitude

I am finding peace in solitude

These days I have removed

Myself from everything

To meditate under the moon

The silence here is bliss

And there is something healing about this

Something calm and reassuring

As I sit on the rocks under the moon

Before me the ocean and waves lapping onto the shore

This is a place that I so adore

As the moon reflects off the ocean surface

All I focus on is feeling myself breathe

Nothing can disturb me

In my meditation focus on love and light that I see

Shining down on me from the endless unlimited universe

Where I find myself in this galaxy

Like an insignificant dot

Yet a miracle of creation and God

A creation of energy based in conscious reality

And as I sit here in bliss I feel solitude kiss

As I focus on just how I breathe

All stress and anxiety exit me

And any demons within are quick to flee

Leaving only goodness, kindness and peace

Residing here deep inside of me.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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