He walked in fear

He walked a path of fear and trepidation

He ducked in and out of shadows of consternation

He looked up through the trees at the starry constellations

To see which way he needed to travel.

In the darkness he watched each step

Afraid he would loose his mind and self

In the depths of the forest beneath the trees

All he could hear was himself breathe

But then a siund

A crack of twigs

From behind to old eldritch trees

A glimpse of a shadow

A figure quickly stealthily moving

He knew he should run and stop stalling

But as he turned to run away

A demon appeared and opened up a void in space

And he tumbled into to a terrible foreboding place

Surrounded by Hungary baying wolves

So strong and fierce and sizable

And as the snarled and gashed their teeth

Waiting to seize attack and kill

And as he could see the the danger illicit Ed in their eyes

Saw the excitement in their being start to rise

Suddenly there went up a screech and a cry

Followed by a deep ferocious roar

And suddenly the drool stopped dripoing from the wolves jaws

As the man in the trees transported here

Faced with a horrendous fear

Transformed and became a banshee like dragon

Breathing fire and with gleaming orangey gold eyes

Promising death and incineration

He turned the wolves to as they tried to spring into action

Then the dragon laid all to waist all its foes

In and ferocious ash bowl of venom

He then reached out the void and dragged the demon in howling, screaming

Then pulled it close to its firey breath

Screeched in its face with its sulphur stench Ed breath

Then used his giant teeth to rip off and devour the demons head

It’s lifeless body falling to the floor

The demons evil exerted no influence anymore

And gazing up again at the stars and constellations

He went on his way as a man once more

But not with the fear he originally had

But with the satisfaction of knowing that he was a match

For any evil or any demon

The stage was set and he was even

With those who wished to end his life

Ignorant of his power and might.

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