Taking my bow

Time for my final bow

It’s been fun but it’s over now

This race has been run

But it’s now at an end

No longer flogging a dead horse

No point in trying to pretend

From the peak of success

It’s all gone down hill

It’s time to swallow the bitterest pill

Time to walk away and focus my creative state

In a different time and place

When people decide to walk away

You may as well call it a day

Though the fight for the environment goes on

The fight against animal extinction

The fight for love and peace is eternal

There is still a long way to go on my spiritual journey

The fight against corrupt governments

The fight against corporate greed

Goes on as always with me

The fight to help see an evolved humanity

Thank you’ve been a wonderful audience

Thank you it’s been emtional

Thank you for reading for commenting and sharing

Thanks to one’s who were living and caring

It’s taken up so much time

And I have wracked my mind

To stimulate and entertain

To show you there is another way

I spread my message but it’s now gone cold

No longer grabs people in a hold

So I am taking my bow and saying farewll

I wish you every live and happiness

I wish you all well.

26 thoughts on “Taking my bow

  1. Faux… I would be lying if I said that reading this doesn’t leave me a bit heartbroken. 😔
    You’ve become like family to me on here and your presence and words will be greatly missed, my friend. I understand life happens though. Please be well and don’t be a stranger. I got used to your humor and light around here. ☺️ Sending you big hugs and many well wishes!!

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  2. Hope you come back soon. I understand sometimes it’s hard to deal with some things around us. But you are strong and open minded that why some things hurt so much. You have a lot of inspiring poems take your time reflect about it. Your kindness will overcome this phase. But if is not the path you want to continue I only have to say that I will miss your poetry and words, they are strong and deep, from a good human being that try to help others to view the world in a diferent way. Whis you a lot of light, love and happiness.

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  3. You are phenomenal! I can tell from your poems that you have a gentle soul and a softie heart. Your light is shining brightly. Just like you, I strongly believe in the power of kindness, love and all the sweetness. You have inspired me to write my poems. Thanks very much indeed. I understand, you feel everything too much because of your gentle deep soul. However, don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t forget to smile, please? I am sad, when you are sad. This time, I do not want to hit the “like” star button. I am going to miss you. I wish you happiness, peace and success. Enjoy life, ok please? Sending you lots of love and light ♡

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  4. Let us compare a horse-carriage with an aeroplane. An aeroplane has many possibilities that an ordinary carriage does not have, but at the same time an aeroplane can be used as an ordinary carriage. It would be very clumsy and inconvenient and very expensive, but you can attach two horses to it and travel in an aeroplane by road. Suppose the man who has this aeroplane does not know that it has an engine and can move by itself, and suppose he learns about the engine—then he can dispense with the horses and use it as a motorcar. But it will still be too clumsy. Suppose that the man studies this machine and discovers that it can fly. Certainly it will have many advantages which he missed when he used the aeroplane as a carriage. This is what we are doing with ourselves; we use ourselves as a carriage, when we could fly.
    -P.D. Ouspensky, “The Fourth Way” Gurdjieff pg 28
    There are powers inside of you, which, if you could discover and
    use, would make of you everything you ever dreamed or imagined
    you could become. – Orison Swett Marden
    good luck!

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