Exploitation of the earth

They’re cutting down forests in Germany

To dig for lignite the dirtiest fossil fuel

In Louisiana they’re still allowing emissions causing floods and storms

Even though it’s sinking in to the Gulf of Mexico

These are the reckless ways that governments act

Simply to exploit in the name of greed

And they’re still pushing ahead with fracking here in the UK

Even though there is no way to make it pay

But will pollute in so many ways

And it’s no suprise therefore this earth is in a mess due to climate change

And in the meantime animal species pay the price

By seeing many go into extinction everyday

This cannot continue

This cannot carry on

Because destroying our environment is wrong.

6 thoughts on “Exploitation of the earth

      1. Well there you go, you figured it out. Some times you have to gather all the important information and disseminate it to work out the environmental impact on both outcomes and weigh up the best option or if there is another option that you can find by thinking outside the box.


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