What is beyond the universe?

We are told the universe is expanding

But expanding into what?

And how did the universe begin?

Not planets or stars but the blackness of the void that is the universe.

If God truly exists what, how or who created God?

Now ask scientists and religious gurus and leaders for the answers

And they will not be able to tell you

Because science and religion are man made concepts

Created by the mind of individuals limited by what they have been taught and learnt.

Truth is humanity knows nothing but kids itself it knows so much

It’s the flawed rational of the illusory mind

We cannot see past the fact that we create all we see, feel and hear

From light and sound waves

Penetrating our spiritual energy beings.

We are a vortex of energy, no more, no less

Living illusory lives, in a dream state

Caught up in our own egotistical self importance.

11 thoughts on “Illusory

  1. I believe what I experience. I experience my God, and am incredibly thankful for that. Someone/something had to be “here” without being born/created. Love your piece here, fauxcroft. Love your expression of yourself and your curiosity of life. Wonderful. Keep looking. Keep expressing.

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