The goosebumped flesh

The chill of the bones

Lost and far from home

In eerie darkness

She feels the fear and dread

In this place

The smell of death

In this place

The smell of rotting flesh

Halloween screams

Become real they seem

In this run down tenement

In this slum dog scene

Behind the bright lights

And pumpkin lit night

Behind the scary mock fright

A real horror is taking place

As she seeks the paranormal

In a place once known

For death, violence and hate

She met her gruesome

Unexpected fate

When she came

Face to face

With the ghostly entity

That terrorised this place

As this once serial killer

Stalked here until forever and a day

Laying waste to life

In vicious ways

As her life was taken that day

After being pushed through a window

On to fence stakes

That were below

Surrounding this place

She died in a hideous

And very grisly way.

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