What to do

Let me illicit every drop of perspiration from your body he said

In a hushed whisper into her ear

She felt the vibrational waves of his whisper

Send electrical charges through her body

He knew what he was doing as he placed his hand on the small of her back

She felt his touch on her bare back where her tattoo was

Just below her top and just above her skin tight leggings

That showed off her exquisite figure

Her well toned bum, her long slender legs, and flat tight core

He whispered again once more

Let me make your body ache and cry out for attention

She knew at this moment there was no question

She was his to do with as he pleased

To extract effort as he teased

To feel his commands make her weak at the knees

She wanted him to work her body so hard now

Wanted him to make her gasp aloud

He whispered one final time once more

You won’t believe, what for you I have in store

She could not want to know more

She whispered back ‘I am all yours’

He smiled at her submission and compliance

Then spoke his words of command ‘let’s get this excersise work out started’.

She smiled and nodded her accent

But that is not what she meant

And he knew this too but he was her instructor what could he do

But both felt the tension and yearned and craved

To try something new and far more rude

But what could they or should they do

This is a question I ask of you.

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