She was cold

Sat alone and in need of friendship

She rang her best friend and asked how she was doing?

Her friend said same old stuff

‘How about I come over and we do some yoga and see why we lost touch

My husbands watching football he won’t mind, to him I am invisible so that’s all fine’

This was better than she hoped

And went and changed in to her yoga stuff and felt there was hope

That the evening would not be so bad now

She’d no longer be lonely or sad.

Her friend arrived a short time later

Explained why she had not been around lately

Said that her husband showed no interest in her

So she had found love elsewhere

This took her back her friend had never been like that

But under pressure maybe she had cracked

She knew the feeling her man was always away

On important business or so he said.

They started Practising their yoga moves

She asked her friend if it’s not rude

What was it like being with someone else

She sighed and said it’s good for my mental health

As she spoke she drew near and whispered giggling in her ear

It’s not a man you see my friend

I am enjoying the pleasures of another woman

Supprised to hear this it took her aback

She didn’t know her friend was like that

Then she felt her friend nibble on her ear

And her hand slipped very near

To her supple and ample breasts

But waited for consent to to take the next step

She murmmered suprising herself I’d like to know

Warm my body that has gone cold

Her friend then kissed and locked her neck

Run her hands over both her breasts

Taking away her very breath

Her best friend was in control now and she would not protest

She wanted to sample the very best

Her friend could offer and had to give

This was to amazingly impressive

That she could embrace something as different as this

But she was in need of excitement

All that night the pair made love

Neither of them could get enough

Both of them craved and gave it more

Found out that they both adored

The taste of each other in everyway

Didn’t care if it appeared depraved

Finally after a long time of feeling cold

She now felt the warmth of being close

To another kindred soul

And that was all that mattered as she felt her essences flow.

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