Ink wisdom


Use ink wisely

Think out of the box,

Take people on a trip

That sees them get lost,

In pure imagination

In a sea of forget me not,

That once written, once read

Will always be remembered,

Ink something memorable

That stick in people’s brains,

Lurking in the subconscious membrane,

Of the fully awakened mind

That make you seem to others as insane

But the reality is that you are giving others what they crave,

An out of mind and out of world ink

That resonates and then plays,

Over in their minds time and again

And steers them away from the mundane

And the illusory society games,

That render them into flocks of sheep

Compliantly refrained,

From discovering their own truths

And how the ought to live,

Write out words that make other people think

That they are capable of doing anything.

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