Morphine induced dreams

Morphine induced dreams

Morphine induced dream

In a sedated scene

Killer clowns are on the loose

And mixing with the zombies

Out for blood and out for flesh

I heard blood curdling screams

From victims of this horror show

That are virgin and teens

All prey to the nightmares

All trying to flee

The circus of horror

Of their dreamscape belief

Trapped inside their conscious minds

Filled with psychotic memories

Induced by drugs and medicine

To deal with hyper activity

To keep them all seemingly normal

In a messed up society

It’s very close to Halloween and the real hilarity

Is that this real world is more scary and gory than we could ever truly believe

Let’s all sit and hope that another dose of morphine soon kicks in

And takes us too another world a whole lot better than this

Or will it take us back to the world of horror in between

The this nightmare reality or of the twisted place of our dreams.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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  1. This post speaks so much truth. The fact that we don’t have to be in a scary movie, wear costumes to be scary or do scary things in this world is the real horror. Very well written, my friend!

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