Beauty from within

The insanity of external vanity

Perplexes me

When there is much more beauty

Within to be seen

I’ve seen people we are told ares beautiful

But when I stopped and looked closer

Within they were ugly

How you are inside reflects on the way out

Not fake tan and fake boobs

Will put that in doubt

No body building men with six packs and perfect hair

Will never compete with the beauty of a soul that cares

And is kind and compassionate

And selfless in deeds

The most beautiful people are not concerned with wealth or greed

Rich or in poverty than can be happy

Living a life as if defined by poetry

Gracefully cruising through what we know as life

Absorbing the goodness and embracing the love and light

Then sharing it with others in an equal way

Beautiful people are rooted within in everyway

And it can not be rigged by a camera in a selfie

It comes from living a life that is balanced and healthy

Maybe that why spiritual people seem so amazing to me

For they ooze and transcend beauty so effortlessly.

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