Self proclaimed experts

Hear this hear that

From uninformed sources

People seem to choose knowledge

From less than qualified resources

Yet still believing what they are told

Disinformation they are sold

By those who convey that they know it all

These people who are experts often fool you

Into believing the second hand information they peddle

In your life these people will meddle

Leading you down wrong roads

Just trust yourself

And check out the valid of those that help

Check they actually know what they say

Or if they’re just trying to exploit you

And take your hard earned money away

I am no expert and will never claim to be

I never tell anyone to believe me

I just say I hope you get something from what you read from me

Pleasure or laughs or a little controversy

Because you see we don’t always have to agree

But others will tell you need to believe

If you expect their help to increase

Pay me, pay me and believe me

I will make you as successful or as intelligent me

Empty rhetoric means nothing you see

So don’t always believe everything you hear and see

Alternatively visit me and just enjoy something to read.

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