So into you

I am so deep into you

With your dusky skin

And your husky voice

You would be my soulmate

If it was my choice

I’d treat you like a Goddess and Queen

Bow down to you

And never treat you mean

Pay homage ever chance I get to your body

Soak up your wisdom and not act shoddy

But simply put you up onto a pedastal

Treat you like the greatest love of all

Look deep into your eyes as we make love

Until you reach that peak of the mountain top of lust

And passionate resonation

I will lift you up to awakened divination

For you are supernatural a phenomenon

So beautiful and within so strong

Like an amazonian warrior I bow and pledge alligiance to you

I prostrate myself in loyalty and truth

On a holy alter to you worshipping you every sensual move

I so want to get down and hot with you

Passionately yearning I am longing to be with you

Doing what comes naturally in spiritual truth.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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