Surreal is the journey that we’re on


Sinewy, spindley

Veins and wires

Tangle me

Wrap me in a spider web

Of silken filigree

Tie me up

And tie me down

Bind me in wires so fine

Coursing vessels throbbing

Super string theories

Through the matrix

Of my eyes and mind

Unlimited by the test

Of ever passing time

It makes no sense

And in this multiverse

I find I am blind

Unable to read the signs

As the stars fizz on by

I see only a back void

I see no skies

Yet in my head

Reverberating lies

Whisper in my ear

That I may die

But my faith and truth

Will see me all right

As I plunge down ever deeper

Into the chasm

That is the rabbit hole of life

Where we hear cries

Of those that strayed

From the light

And are now lost

And now they cease to fly

In Samsara

Those who keep their mind

And stay upon the path

Will always find

Their way through

All the challenges

And steer a path back home

And find their way

To rightful mindful throne

Enlightenment is not set in stone

But Shambala is the spiritual zone

That ends the cyclic existence

Of suffering in a hell

That is ours alone

Created in our own mind

In a place that is illusion

Where we are born and die

And on the way

We travel in an energy state alone

Yet somewhere along the way

We learn to live

We learn to love

We learn to create

And return back to our home

In a higher state

Of frequency and wisdom

Because we lived life

In a dualistic state

Through a storyline

We chose to initiate

And learnt lessons

We could not have done

Any other way

But by experiencing life

Within a human state

But we soon return

To our angelic state

Residing back inour normal

State of peace and grace

As rays of light

Crossing the astral plains.

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