The bizarre Tale of Alikazar the Arab

The bizzar tale

Of Alikazar

A brave Arab adventurer

Who adventures to far

Went discovering in tombs

And crypts in the desert

To seek out his fortune

And to create his name

But sown in a crypt

Deep within a tomb

He discover much wealth

But as he removed the jewels

Osiris and Isis came to him

And in their ghostly vision

They both screamed at him

In a terrifying and spine chilling screech

That ripped his tongue from his head

Gouged his eyes from their socket

Seared his flesh from his bones

Which ended his quest

This is how Alikazar the Arab ended up dead

Buired with the treasure

That we worship so much

Now his spirit is trapped in the tomb

And wanders the crypt

In search of an exit that now no longer exists.

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