A creak of floorboards through the house

All the lights are now out

Just candles now light the way

In a house of night

That sees no light of day

An out of tune piano plays

In a melodic and twisted way

Faint cries, moans and wails

To my ears these noises assail

I look for relief but to no avail

My skin creeps and my nerves tingle

In expectation and trepidation

This situation is a revelation

Showing me the dark and fearsome side of life

Full of foreboding fearful I may die

I follow the candle lit path to its end

In the darkness I descend

Down a hole that never ends

Then as I fear the worst

Light springs forth

And I am in the open

I feel a sense of such release

Before I feel the hand

On my shoulder behind me

Grip me tight and pull me back in

To the darkness that is never ending

I am now lost in fear eternal

Lost in a place of forever suffering

I strive to find the light once more

But I can only find solid locked doors

Imprisoning my once and for all

Nobody hears my calls

For help, salvation

For some way out

But I fear my life is now over

Of that I have no doubt

So it’s futile how much I scream and shout

I can only simply dream about

The momentary time where I found the light

And how I despaired as it was snatched from sight.

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