Seduced by the temptress

Stress dwells

In a life that’s harsh

Fucked financially

By credit cards

No light on yonder horizon

Debt causes deprivation

Use them simply

Just to exist

The subtle temptress

Lures you in

With a promise

To help make ends meet

But you are only

Plunging more deep

Into a place hard to escape

Their smiles now lacivious

In every greedy way

And no matter how much you pay

Interest always stakes its claim

So balance does not reduce

And stress increases

Fighting and struggling

We work harder

To find a way to earn more cash

Escape the financial grasp

That debt has placed on us

Threatening to send us bust

Or maybe even turn us to dust

And yet the temptress

Continues to seduce us

To go deeper with its money lust

But I just want out

But spending was easier

Then now earning more

I do what I can

I write but nobody buys

I try everything except

Steal cheat or lie

But still it isn’t easy

I see those who steal, cheat and lie

Living a blessed life

And I don’t understand why?

Why does not doing things right pay

Why must I suffer debt

From the cradle to the grave

My parents you see lived the same way

Why do we get seduced by the temptress

Into becoming financial slaves.

7 thoughts on “Seduced by the temptress

  1. I think it is the nature of the world we live in… We live in a world where darkness is being given a chance to survive before it begins again and we live in this world… So in this world a saint or a mo k or anyone who follows laws which do not belong to this realm will be not allowed… Quite logical i feel… & above all… Its a pressure in which good people give in to the wrong process thus Nirvana is not achieved instead recycling happens again… So by creating pressure the chances of attaining this state is demotivated…

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