Animal cruelty


Animal cruelty

Is fucking disease

That ain’t got a thing

To do with you or me

Animal cruelty

A sickness of the mind

An ignorant state

Of the compassionately blind

Animal cruely

Like the Berkshire hunt

Result of class

But they are wealthy runts

Trophy hunting

Domain of the rich

Callous and brutal

I wish the positions

Were switched

Animal cruelty

Through fur farming

For vain bitches

It’s defenceless animals

That they’re harming

Animal cruelty

Through vivisection

Mindless torture

They’ve missed the connection

That we’re all God’s creatures

Big and also small

Animal cruelty

Is act to the for fools

Animal cruely

Based on greed and exploitation

Animal cruelty

Is extermintion

Of those who we share

This earth with

And maybe we should learn

To live and let live

Animal cruelty

There is no place for this

In a future time

Of advancement

Where we all learn

To live together

And coexisting.

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