Emily and the old lady


Emily visited old people

Every single day,

She sat and kept them company

Wiling the day away,

Emily liked their stories

And how they reminisced,

One day Emily met

An old sophisticated Miss,

Who welcomed her into her home

It still had that fifties feel,

Dimly lit and musky

But Emily didn’t mind at all

She asked her about her story

And wanted to know her past

The old lady sat and smiled for a while

And then just simply laughed

She said I grew up in the shadows

And the dark places of this life

She was never even a mother

Not even a wife

She had been denied

A chance to see the light

Emily commiserated with her

And showed care

And as she looked at her watch after a while of her story

She apologised and said she had to leave

And as she walked towards the door

The old lady said you cannot leave

And as Emily turned to answer

She saw the old lady baring sharp pointy teeth

Her fingers now talons

And claws were where her feet should be

And suddenly she opened up big black feathery wings

And confided in Emily and said its time to eat

And Emily retorted that she didn’t feel the need

But the old lady said to her I think you misunderstand me

You are the main meal to eat

And before Emily could react

She was on her back

With the old lady on top of her

Ripping the flesh from her face

She could not scream or fight back

And the old lady cackled and laughed with glee

She loved these young people visiting

Because it meant it was time to feed.

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