Confused society

There is something confusing about society

When you see mature women dressing like they are teens

And teens dress up in a muture and provocative way

Feeling the need to put themselves on display

Now I an not judging wear what feels good

But subliminally is it is because your taught

By a male orientated society that you have look beautiful and sexy

If you want to get on,

So woman turn to fake tans and fake nails

Fake eyelashes and all the works

Pretty little popstar shit that makes them feel they deserve

All the best chances in life but you won’t because you were sold a lie

Like the selfies posies you posted right!

Everything today in society seems all fake

And men don’t have to anything

Though some are like peacocks who live to preen

Shallow in thoughts and are lacking any meaning

And often still treat women in a way that’s demeaning

There is so much more wrong that needs assessing

Other than fixating on how you should be dressing

Wake up to the real issues in life

Cast away the illusory and stop living a lie.

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