He vowed to free her

He fell for her as soon as he saw her

She was beautiful but troubled

He asked her on dates

She declined saying though she liked him it was best

He kept pushing asking to know the problem

Until one day she told him that she was troubled by a haunting

A demon came to her each night and claimed her as his own

And she was just so petrified and she felt so alone

He told she was not alone now and he would face the demon

She begged him not to do this but in his love he wS believing

That he could and would conquer anything

If it helped to win her heart

So when he went to face that demon

He was galvanised from the start

It scared him at first by throwing things

And appearing out of the shadows

A gnarly twisted toothy thing

With long fingers and spindly arms

It had yellow eyes and obsidian skin

And sharp razor pointy teeth

It was strong enough to throw him around

And hissed when ever it breathed

But he stood in the face of this demon each night

And every time he did

He reiterated his love for her and that he would keep fighting it

He resonated love and light and spoke blessing to this beast

And uttered mantras that he believed

From his faith that was Buddhist

And after many nights of facing the demon and reciting mantras

A deity appeared on night within this darkened room

It flooded the room with a luminescent light

In one hand it held a chain and in the other it held a scythe

And with its long black hair tied back it shone power from its eyes

The deity ensnared the demon with its bloody chain

And cut the head from the demon with its scythe

As the demon cried out in pain

And the deity dragged away the demon

With its head attached to his belt

And said it was time to return it too Naraka

To dwell in hell until it learnt of its sickness and its evil

And in a moment they were gone and just he and her were left

And she now realised that him loving her was a sign that she was blessed

And everyday that sat and practised Buddhism together

As an act if gratitude and appreciation for the deities endeavours

And their love grew along with their faith

And knew if any demons came again

That they would have the strength

To face it down and call the deity once again.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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