From nothing to life’s conclusion

I am beyond penniless

Drowning in debt no less

But what this hard life has taught me

Is how to be tough and take no shit

And though I made my own I lay in it

I am responsible enough to take accountability for this

One thing I’ve learnt is to own my decisions

One thing I know is to own my own life

Blame no one else for my problems or flaws

And give no one credit when I score

A win and I am victorious

Seldom does this happen though I have to say

But hey, no one will stop me from living my way

I won’t give up to others the reigns

And if they try to mess me up

Then all I can say is good luck

Because I am stronger for all the battering I am taking

You think I am weak your mistaken

Though I don’t hate

And though I embrace love for all

I will always be standing tall

And defiant in the face of adversity

I advise you to tread carefully

For I am empowered spiritually

And so none of this shit ever now hurts me

I’ve been to the lowest point of life

And somehow I survived

I’ve never had anything, this much is true

So you see having nothing and losing all,

I have got kind of used to this

It don’t mean I’ll take it laying down

But all though it may seem profound

I now resonate at higher frequencies

So nothing now really affects me

I know this life is lesson

A lesson in pleasure, pain and suffering

But it’s all an journey and illusion

Which I will follow through to its conclusion.

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