When the bells toll


The church bells toll

A haunting sound

I see the ash fall to the ground

As the dark clouds blot out the sun

And the ground trembles

As the mountains shake

And the seas are full of tsunamis

As the screams and cries

Ring out in the night

As the ash and the night

Gets to be so intense

We lose our sight

At least those who were not blinded

By that instant blinding light

That sign pled man’s extinction

And vaporised so many around

But the rest of us fall to the ground

The powers that be finally lost their minds

Push the nuclear button

And ended humankind

They hide in their bunkers

Thinking they will rebuild a gas in

It just show the arrogance of these ignorant women and men

It wl take at least a hundred years

Before they can resurface again

And even longer before the soil and seas are safe again

Yet they still sacraficed us

They still decided to end it all

Who gave them this right to make this call

Oh yes! It was us, we are stupid blind fools.

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