I broke the glass ceiling

I watched as the glass broke above me

That glass ceiling that was limiting me

And in that moment of euphoria

I knew that everything would change

And that you and I would be no more

For you could not rise up as I did

You could not be spiritual and open like me

You lived as you were told to live

Conformed and allowed yourself to be controlled as others did

Yet I still loved you and I still miss you

But I saw you being left behind

And even though I tried to expand your mind

And lead you by the hand to a higher elevation

You were content to remain sitting at the station

Waiting for the rain that’s never gonna come

You will live out your life until it’s done

Living by the rules abs doing as your told

I hate to watch you giving them your heart and soul

From the other side of reason and the conscious mind

I woke up and decided no longer to be blind

That’s how I shattered the glass ceiling above my head

By becoming existential and refusing to be led

But I still love you and I still miss you

And as you walked away I knew that, that would never change

But I was moving forward and up

And you stayed still and stagnant

And I cannot bear to go out like this I know it sounds self indulgent

But I want to leave a mark, a story for others to read

But most of all I have decided it’s time for self belief

But I still love you and I will as lays miss you

So watching you walk away brought tears to my eyes

As I waved you goodbye.

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