The cause of distraction

Skin tight white jeans and skin tight top

It would be so underrated to just describe her as hot

She filled her top just like her bra

Ample firm and spectacular

Short crop brown hair and tanned skin

If she knew the thoughts of men

She would know their carnal sins

She knew what she had and used it

But was always careful not to abuse it

Did yoga so she’d not lose it

Feeling fit and looking good

It meant so very much to her

Long legs and perfect curves

This is why she did the work

She like the way people looked at her

Saw it as a blessing not a curse

Admiration for her appearance

Men wished they could apply some interference

Who would not want to sample perfection

Or maybe men just follow their erections

Either way beauty makes men change their direction

From the straight and narrow path

Thankfully it rarely lasts

But beauty is a wonderful distraction

And will always cause reactions.

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