Seeping into night from day


I seep into darkness as the light fades

I am only highlighted through h the trees by the dappled moon rays

I howl at the stars discovering my beast side

I become one we ith the cosmos on this full moon night

I embrace nature and all its nocturnal life

Staring at me with their shining eyes

Scampering and scurrying I run with the wild life

On this full moon lit night.

I watch as a shooting star soars across the universe

I trace the outlines where the dark sky and land both meet

Different hues on blackness both setting the scene

Of a beautiful full lit moon dream

That I allow myself to drift through in serenity

Hoping and wishing extraterrestrials find me

And show me the multiverse and amazing things

That I can barely have ever believed

Way beyond any of my Imaginings

Only yo return me before the g jest rays of the morning

This ix my full lit moon fantasy

This is my night time serenading dream

This is my my night time theme

As I create this scene in my mind so vividly and consciously

This is the spiritual being within me.

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